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Online Video Poker

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In all online casinos you will be able to play online poker in which you play against other players. But if you are fond of the excitement and entertainment of regular poker but don`t want to worry about beating your oponents, then maybe you should consider online video poker.
As in land based casinos the online video poker is not a skill game. You will get your cards, choose the ones you want to keep, press a button to select them and to replace them. If your hand is a winner you will get paid and if it not, you don`t, just like that. Very easy
You won`t need to know how to read other player`s hand, or have to worry about the betting patterns of your oponents. In other words, you will not need any special skills or poker talents. All you will need to know is which are the winning hands, what cards you need to complete a winning hand and how much you will make when hitting them. In this article, we will try to teach you this and show you the most popular online video poker games. Enjoy!

Online Poker variations
There are many kind of video poker. You'll get a hint of the kind of game you are looking at by just reading the name of it. As an example, Jacks or better is the video poker game in which you will get paid when you hit a pair of jacks or a better hand. An extensive explanation of every video poker variation is way beyond the aim of this article, so we will give the basis of the most popular ones you will find both in online and land based casinos.

Aces and faces power poker

aces and faces online video poker

This variation, also known as just “Aces and faces” is a game that offers great bonuses when hitting a four of a kind of aces or any card with a face on the front (jacks, Queens and Kings). This is probably one of the most populare video poker games so lets get into this variation a little deeper:
Each hand is played with an standard 52 cards deck. You will find several ways of playing it, from single hand “Aces or faces” to the 100 hands game. The most common version demands that you play four hands at a time. In all cases, playing the game is pretty easy. The most common one is the one in which you play 4 hands. Each hand you can bet from 1 to 5 coins. Also when playing online video poker, we advice you to bet the maximum allowed to get the bigger jackpot and to minimize the casino`s edge.
To start the hand you press the “deal button” and you will get 5 cards. Then you choose the cards you want to discard by pressing the button below each one. You now press the draw button and they will be thrown and you will get dealt new ones to replace them.
If you get a pair of jacks or better, you win a price. Now you can choose to keep wagering these winnings by pressing the &ldquoouble” button or you can collect your earnings and start all over again or just leave.
If you wagered the maximum amount of coins allowed, the 4,000 coind jackpot goes to Royal Flush. Four of a kind aces pays 400 coins and four of a kind of face cards pays out 200 coins. You get 5 coins if you hit a pair of jacks or better.

Jacks or better

jacks or better online video poker

As we mentioned above, you will get paid when you hit a pair of jacks or a better hand.

Tens or Better
As you've probably already figured out, the paid hands are those hitting a pair of tens or better. The odds of getting a paid hand are bigger but the amounts paid are slightly lower.

Deuces Wild
Here, deuces are “wild” cards. Meaning you can use them to represent any other card you migth need to make your hand or improve your already winning one.

Double Bonus
It is like Jacks or better only that here they pay a bonus if you hit a four of a kind aces.

Double Double Bonus
Like double bonus but you can win a bonus with different four of a kind hands depending on the rank of cards involved.

Those are the most common online video poker variations you will find. New variations are being released all the time. Our advice is to try different variations to see wich ones suites you the most and then stick to the ones of your choice. If you have time and learn it deeply, get used to the game.


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