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23 April 2018 08:13 h
My five tips to gamble
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19 September 2009 08:17 h

Hi! I am slowMotion. I just registered myself here and I like to be at the beginning of this new site. Like online gambling, have tried Poker bur to be honest, I suck at it!!Embarassed.

I like gambling better! I ussually play online casinos and mostly online slots and roulette. And som time Blackjack. Of course, always at least a coin or two (nahhh, really, some more) in some progressive jackpot, i mean, you never will have a life changing winning if you dont bet some game with a good price Money mouth.

Here is something I wrote, this helped me a lot when starting, looks easy and silly but for those just starting, DO NOT forget this stuff.

Every time you place a bet in any casino game, no matter if we are talking about an online casino or a fancy brick and mortar one, you got yourself in a mathematical disadvantage. Casinos are there to make money so the odds are in their favor.

You can ask me: Why to gamble at all? Well, first of all, it is fun, besides, some casinos (mostly online casinos) have high payout ratios so you can play smartly in order to win bog when you do and lose small when is your turn to lose. And, of course, it feels great every single time you beat the odds and win a good amount of money.
We are certainly at times where economics stress is all around so I guess online casinos are the best choice to gamble from the comfort of your home, seating in your favorite chair, listening to your favorite music, and, of course without having to pay any hotel or transportation, etc.

Below, I put 5 tips that helped me out to maximize my chances of winning in casino games.
   Know each single rule of the game you are about to play. Understand the odds of each wager option. FI, double a hand showing 11 in Blackjack, no matter dealer’s cards. Never take insurance! Use some proved to work strategy to maximize your chances!!
-    Practice the game in the play for fun part of the casino to familiarize with software, graphics and stuff.
   Don’t be lazy, make a research, and choose your casino carefully, find out which bonus is better for you, witch has de best payout ratios, etc.
-     Know how much you can lose. So you set this amount of money and stick to it. Don’t miss respect the power of gambling, this could be addictive and the worst thing that can happen to someone who likes gambling is to become addicted, because the only cure for that is not gambling anymore!!
   There is no problem on leaving the casino (or shutting down your PC) while having good luck. If you are winning, you don’t need to stay there until you lose, just consider leaving at this time.
Hope you like these tips, I found them pretty helpful when started gambling.

Good games and good luck



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24 September 2009 06:23 h

nice work Slow! Check in the articles in this very same page you will find 14 tips to start, some of yours are there but I founnd very interesting two more ones.

Do not chase your loses.

Hve fun.

I think those two are some pretty important ones that completes the ones you posted.


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25 September 2009 06:49 h

I need to work harder on the tip: Don't be lazyUndecided

Often I can't be bothered to do research I just want to play... I'm hoping that this website at least provides us with the good casino rooms right?

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27 September 2009 19:27 h

Don´t you worry Spekkie. Each and every online casino you find in our review section is checked so you can play there anytime. Of course is up to each player if you like some theme more than others (Like Cinema Casino for movies fans, cameo Casino if you are a girl, etc, etc,) 

But if you are too lazy, no problem just choose any online casino here, they are all good



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16 December 2009 21:57 h
Nice tips!
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4 January 2010 12:01 h
Thanks Japmaster!
Hey clarice, gorgeous, nice tip! I guess I will add it!

have time for a coffe or something?
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8 January 2010 17:18 h
Haha!! Thank you for the invitation SlowMotion, but I never date gamblers
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9 February 2010 14:28 h
What makes you think Slowmotion is a gambler?